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In November 2018, after several years of home remedies followed by more years of doctor visits, much to our surprise my just-50-year-old husband was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  The months after his diagnosis took us on a journey we could have never imagined.   As the months passed and my husband’s health improved (he is fully cancer free today I am pleased to report!) we began to reflect on all that we had been through and what good might come from our experience.

I grew up in a large Italian-American family and have always had a passion for family, friends, food and fun.   I wondered how I might leverage these passions and experience in light of my husband’s cancer diagnosis.  It was at this point that the concept of the Clear Kit had its genesis.

Clear Kit has been designed to remove barriers (time, money, inconvenience, trips to stores, etc.)  and make the colorectal screening process more tolerable while adding just a bit of “fun” to a procedure that too often is avoided for so many reasons.

Our hope for Clear Kit is that more screenings will happen sooner and fewer people will be faced with an unexpected cancer diagnosis. 

With gratitude for this opportunity to serve you,

Debbie Senestraro Suchan, Founder

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