New study finds that cheeseburgers and fries make an excellent diet for colonoscopy prep

What???    APRIL FOOLS!!!

Sorry to have gotten your hopes up, but I’m happy to report that I do have some very good news to share! While burgers and fries will likely not be on the list for acceptable foods when prepping for your colonoscopy, there are so many things you CAN have that can make that process a whole lot easier and even a little bit fun too!


My own Italian-American heritage is at the root of my love of food – the tastes, textures, flavors that make eating a meal an experience – not just fueling your body. That heritage played a major role in my passion to develop a kit that would give people something to look forward to (is that possible?) when scheduling their colonoscopy.

Looking Ahead

During the month of April, we’re going to highlight the most interesting and unique items we’ve curated as offerings for our Clear Kits – follow us here and on social media to learn more about the unique products to choose from when ordering your custom Clear Kit.

First on deck: Albanese Gummy Bears. Check back on April 4th for more about these World’s Best Gummy’s and the flavors that are clear-liquid qualified when fasting for a colonoscopy.

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