Summertime Family Memories

This week the temperatures are warming into the 70’s.   That warming air brings back memories of summer times past:  late night marshmallow roasts, family picnics, and neighborhood baseball games.

Bubbly Treats Remembered

One of my fondest memories of summertime involved soda pop.  Soda was a real treat when I was a kid.  I suspect it was in part because of the cost.  There were 8 of us – mom and dad and the 6-kids – and everything was devoured practically instantaneously when my mom revealed the treat-of-the-day!  Soda was definitely not an everyday option, so when it did show up there was a mad dash to grab a can before it disappeared.

Creamy and Dreamy Vanilla

As my mother unveiled the variety of Shasta sodas, we knew this was indeed a special day.   For me, the coveted cream soda was the star of the show.  With five brothers to contend with and others that shared my passion for the taste of creamy vanilla bean, it was a fight to grab that can from the random assortment (always including of course, those strange and unappealing varieties that never seemed to make the cut……).   How many times had I caught a whiff of the tantalizing aroma of the vanilla extract as my mom baked another batch of cookies for us kids?  If only, we mused, it tasted like it smelled!     But ah – much to my delight, the cream soda DID taste exactly like vanilla extract smelled!

I’m All Grown Up Now

Today,  some  50 years later, I still love the smell and taste of vanilla.  But I’m all grown up now and so I’ve outgrown what satisfied at age 9.  Today it’s the good stuff.  When we decided to include a cream soda premium beverage in our kits, we tasted everything on the market.  Virgil’s is head and shoulders above the rest.  No contest.   Virgil’s Cream is all about the vanilla bean. They double the vanilla to create a super creamy classic.  This smooth, vanilla-forward beverage treat is extravagant and decadent.   I absolutely LOVE it and I think you will too!

Don’t Delay.  Schedule your Screening

Go ahead – you’re a grown up too now!   Treat yourself to the good stuff while you take care of yourself by scheduling a colon cancer screening.  Colonoscopies save lives – it could save yours.

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