Albanese Gummy Bears

My Gummy Discovery

When I had my first colonoscopy at age 50, like most people I dreaded both the horror stories of drinking the prep solutions and the thought of going totally w/out food for a full day plus.  For those that know me, they know that I am inspired by a challenge – and especially one that involves creativity in the kitchen.  So with a colonoscopy just a few weeks ahead, I started my research.   What could I eat/drink during the prep process?  How could I make the process more tolerable?   It was then that I discovered gummy bears.  Yes – it turns out, gummy bears ARE qualified as part of a clear liquid diet (so long as they are not purple or red which can detract from the important benefits of a colorectal screening).   

I quickly learned that this would involve either purchasing a full bag of multi-colored chewy treats and tossing the uneaten colors (or eating them at another time I suppose), or painstakingly choosing only acceptable colors from my grocer’s bulk bin.  I opted for the later. 

The World’s Best Gummy

Fast forward to some 10 years later and the creation of Your Clear Kit.  When it comes to gummies, we’ve done all that painstaking work so you don’t have to!   If you’ve never tasted Albanese gummies – you’re in for a real treat.  After trying everything out there, these little 2 centimeters bears with the “A” on their bellies stand head and shoulders above their competition.   If you ate these little guys blindfolded, you might be duped into thinking you were eating the actual fruits after which they were patterned.  I think I had eaten maybe 3 gummy bears in my 50 years of life prior to my first exposure to Albanese gummies.  Now I see what the draw is.

As an interesting bit of evidence as to Albanese’s appeal, turns out we’re not the only ones who love these little cuddly (or in this case – chewy) creatures.    Since the pandemic began back in early 2020, Albanese’s sales have skyrocketed.  If you have to be homebound and quarantined, it seems gummy bears are a great companion.   They are running their plant 24/7 and they can’t keep up with demand.  These bears have quite a following!

If you’ve never tasted Albanese gummies you are in for a treat!  We include 5 oz. of colors approved for colonoscopy prep in each Clear Kit.  We think they will make the prep process more “bear-able” (sorry… I couldn’t resist that one) and even a little bit fun too!

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