A Sparkle of Fun for Your Colonoscopy Prep

Special Times Remembered

Childhood memories of times of celebration always seemed to include Martinelli’s sparkling apple juice.  While the adults were enjoying their own libations, there was a certain childhood delight evoked in the bubbly, sparkling treat that so often accompanied these special times.

A Memory Lane Stroll

Sparkling apple juice is a fun item that is acceptable on a clear liquid fast when you are prepping for your colonoscopy and one of our 6 premium beverage options you can choose from in Your Clear Kit.   Motivate yourself to schedule this important screening and treat yourself to a stroll down memory lane. 

Colonoscopies Save Lives!

While there are a few colon cancer detection methods available today, Colonoscopies remain THE gold standard for the prevention and early detection of colorectal disease.    We’re here to make the process a whole lot easier and even a little bit fun too!

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