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Clear Kit

We are committed to encouraging early detection and prevention of colorectal disease. Having a preventative screening is key to achieving this.

Our hope is that Clear Kit would remove barriers that are keeping you or someone you love from getting this important screening scheduled.

Clear Kit makes this process a whole lot easier — and a little bit more “fun” too.

Here’s What We Have Included in Your Kit

The Kit has a few practical things that you will appreciate, plus an interesting and unique variety of beverages, gummy candies and other mints/hard candies that are all acceptable during the day you fast and prep for your upcoming procedure



Each Kit includes True Lemon – a fresh, natural burst of real lemon juice. True Lemon can be mixed with your prep solution along with your favorite sweetener. True Lemon makes the prep drink prescribed by your doctor significantly more palatable. We have found this to be a lifesaver when you are trudging your way through what can seem like an overwhelming volume of prep solution.



We have provided special personal care items for your convenience and comfort.

Beverage Selections3


Choose two from a menu of eight premium beverages: two electrolyte replacement beverages and six premium sodas. Specialty sodas include hand-crafted, small batch root beer, Italian sparkling grapefruit soda, and extravagantly smooth vanilla cream soda.



AND MORE... Clear kits have a variety of teas, water infusers, gummy bears (in approved colors) and other candy and mint options to give you a variety of tastes and textures while fasting in preparation for your colonoscopy

Colonoscopy Prep Kits


The American Cancer Society recommends that people at average risk of colorectal cancer start regular screening at age 45.  A Colonoscopy procedure is THE gold standard screening method for early detection and prevention. 

When precancerous cells are detected early, they can be addressed before they turn into cancer.  When colorectal cancer is found at an early stage before it has spread, the 5-year relative survival rate is more than 90%. 

The CDC reports that, unfortunately, millions of people in the United States are not getting screened as recommended.  Don’t be a part of this statistic!   Order Your Clear Kit today and schedule your screening with your doctor.

Your Clear Kit is committed to supporting early detection and screening for colorectal cancer.  We make a donation to nonprofits who share this commitment from the proceeds of every Clear Kit we sell.
Practical, tasty and fun items that will make preparing for your colonoscopy easy – delivered to your door!

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